Yellow Door for Christmas

Christmas wreath on yellow front door

Hi! Remember how we painted our front door yellow a couple of months ago? Truth be told, one of the reasons it took me so long to get it done was because I was worried about how a yellow door for Christmas would work. (Seems insane, doesn’t it? These are my first-world problems.) But ya know…I really love it.

traditional Christmas wreath

I could’ve gone a number of different ways with the wreath given the yellow:


colorful ornament wreath



yellow door citrus wreath


Gold and silver.

yellow door metallic wreath


Instead, I balanced the non-traditional Christmas color with a classic choice. An evergreen wreath tied with a big red bow. And that’s it.

Here’s how it looks from the street. I kinda dig it.

outdoor Christmas lights with yellow door

For the past couple of years we’ve used the big ‘ol old-fashioned bulbs on the tree in addition to white strands and I kinda dig that, too. Sorta retro, sorta not.

You know me, I’ll probably change things up again next year. But for now, our house makes me super-happy when I pull into the driveway each night.

outdoor Christmas lights

Especially when there’s flurries falling and I know my family, our dog, and my slippers are waiting.

Merry Christmas!


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