The World’s 10 Sexiest Beaches

Are family-friendly beaches cramping your style? Pack your skimpiest bathing suit along with your most potent sunscreen and set sail towards these sexy beach destinations.

Saline Beach in the CaribbeanPhoto: Shutterstock

Saline Beach, Saint-Barthelemy, Caribbean

This French-Caribbean isle serves as a carefree locale for wealthy vacationers. With 22 beaches to thrill and titillate, St. Bart’s is a hedonistic getaway. For the crème de la crème of seashore sensuality, try Saline Beach. With its secluded location—a winding footpath leads to its unspoiled delights—Saline Beach is an oasis of turquoise-hued water and welcoming sand dunes. A certain je ne sais quoi hangs in the air, urging visitors to shed their inhibitions—cheeky beach goers are often spotted taking a dip in the tides “au naturel.”

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Surfing in the Gold Coast, AustraliaPhoto: Shutterstock

Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast, Australia

Got a thing for scantily clad, sun-kissed surfers? If you’ve got your heart set on a beach-bound romance with a sexy tanned surfer, Snapper Rocks is your dream destination. Hugging the southern-most tip of the 57 kilometre-long Australian Gold Coast, Snapper Rocks oozes surfer sex appeal. In the heat of the Aussie sun, the vibe is sultry and flirty. Teasing their landlocked admirers, guys and gals skim across sky-high waves in a sensual dance of seaside supremacy.

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Brazil's Copacabana is one of the sexiest beaches in the worldPhoto: Shutterstock

Copacabana, Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Welcome to a world where microscopic swimwear is a must. Women dare to bear in dental floss bikinis while their male counterparts cavort in thongs that leave little to the imagination. Brazil’s famous Copacabana Beach is an exhibitionist’s haven. This steamy playground attracts body confident souls who like to soak up the sun and flash the flesh. The sexual energy here is palpable although surprisingly, topless bathing is strictly prohibited. But as the adage suggests, isn’t it better to leave something to the imagination?

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