The Most Expensive American Cities to Book a Hotel

Hint: New York is not #1.

Downtown New Orleans, Louisiana, USAf11photo/Shutterstock

10. New Orleans

Visiting the Big Easy won’t be too easy on your wallet. Nightly hotel costs run around $193 US, according to 2017 data provided by In comparison, the average room cost nationwide was $133 US. Luckily, lodging isn’t the end of the story. Despite its higher-than-average room costs, New Orleans is actually one of the best cities on a budget, according to Money Crashers, thanks to cheap transportation, walkable (read: free) architecture sightseeing, and plenty of entertaining street performers.

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Skyline of downtown Seattle at Washington StateJose L. Stephens/Shutterstock

9. Seattle, Washington

Home to tech giants Microsoft and Amazon, plus premium coffee (hello, Starbucks) and hipsters, is it any wonder that Seattle is among the most expensive visits for hotels? A one-night stay costs $197 US on average. And you might need to cut some other costs if you want to cut loose with the craft beer scene—the Emerald City has the most expensive beer and wine in the country, according to WalletHub.

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Downtown Cityscape Los Angeles, California, USA Chones/Shutterstock

8. Los Angeles, California

With the big-time allure of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Los Angeles is unsurprisingly among the priciest cities to visit. The average room will set you back $198 US a night. And in the city where the cost of public transportation is sky-high and driving is pretty much a necessity, you’ll have to factor in plenty of Uber trips too.

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