The Most Canadian Headlines of All Time

Snow storm in Montreal, 2012Photo: Marc Bruxelle/

“Snow go: Canadian winter festival cancelled because of snow”

Much of Canada experienced extreme cold and snowstorms at the beginning of 2019—and Montreal was no exception. As reported by CTV News, snowfall in the city was particularly heavy over the third weekend of January as temperatures dipped to a bone-chilling -29°C. An annual winter festival that takes place in Montreal Park even had to be cancelled! The name of the event? The Festival of Snow. (Oh, the irony!)

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Canadian beaverPhoto:

“Sask. ranchers stunned as beaver herds 150 cattle”

Beavers are fascinating animals: they’re capable of building giant dams, remain monogamous, and even have transparent “third eyelids” that act as underwater goggles. Another fun fact: they can act as herders! In 2017, Saskatchewan rancher Adrienne Ivey and her husband were surprised to see 150 of their heifers crowded together on their pasture. Upon closer investigation, they realized that the cattle were following a single beaver that had wandered onto their ranch.

Gray jayPhoto:

“Gray jay? Canadians ruffled over national bird they’ve never heard of”

The Royal Canadian Geographic Society and its magazine, Canadian Geographic, ran a two-year National Bird Project, inviting the public to vote for their favourite winged wonders. In 2016, the verdict came in: the gray jay. As reported by CTV News, its selection ruffled some feathers, but the gray jay did have its defenders. “If you had to pick three characteristics of Canadians, they would be, I think, hardy, friendly and smart,” said David Bird, head of McGill University’s Avian Science and Conservation Centre. “And the gray jay epitomized all of those things.” The Government of Canada has yet to adopt any bird as a national symbol.

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