The 10 Best Places in Alberta for Mountain Photography

It’s almost impossible to make Alberta’s mountains look less than incredible, but if you’re a budding shutterbug interested in the best landscapes the province has to offer, check out these 10 locations.

Mountain photography - AlbertaPhoto: Francis Parker

Forestry Trunk Road

A gravel road that runs parallel to the Rocky Mountains, the Forestry Trunk Road is a great spot to indulge in mountain photography. This photograph, taken by Francis Parker of Deloraine, Man., also takes advantage of the smoky air to create a haze effect.

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Lake Minnewanka, AlbertaPhoto: Rena Nixon

Lake Minnewanka

Located in the eastern part of Banff National Park, Lake Minnewanka is a staggering 21 kilometres long and 142 metres deep. The indigenous Nakoda peoples of Canada referred to Lake Minnewanka as “Lake of the Spirits,” while early Europeans called it “Devil’s Lake.”

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Athabasca Glacier (Columbia Icefields)Photo: Mike Lane

Columbia Icefield

Lying on an elevated plateau, the Columbia Icefield is the largest of its kind in the Canadian Rockies—nearly three-quarters of the park’s highest peaks are located in the area.

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