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yarn nesting bowls

Happy Monday, everyone! I’ve got a simple, seasonal craft for you today. I was inspired by all the pretty spring displays I’ve been seeing on Pinterest and other blogs lately, so I decided to make something of my own. Our family room is a work in progress, so our mantel has had a hodge podge of stuff on it for the last several weeks that doesn’t match at all. Nothing a trip to Joann wouldn’t fix! I was on my way there anyway because I have a new obsession: knitting! More on that later, but for now, here’s how I made this “nesting bowl” out of…what else? Yarn!

Yarn Nesting Bowl
Nap Rating = 1 nap


  • one small bowl
  • yarn in color of your choice
  • artificial moss
  • artificial eggs


  • I used these reusable tabs by Scotch because they’ll remove easily without damaging the bowl–just in case I ever wanted or needed my nesting bowl. But you could also use double-sided tape or a hot glue gun and glue sticks if you’re sure you won’t want your bowl for anything else later on.
  • scissors


  1. Starting at the base of the bowl, place the reusable tabs at even intervals around the circumference of the base.
  2. Start wrapping the yarn around and around, using your finger to secure the yarn on the tabs. Keep wrapping until you need another row of tabs.
  3. When you’ve gotten to the top of the bowl, cut the string and secure to the last tab.
  4. Fill the bowl with moss and heap the eggs on top.

I hesitated to even type out these instructions because this was so simple, but just in case there was any question…

Happy Spring!

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