My Top 10 DIY Posts of 2016–Home Made Modern

top 10 posts of 2016

Hi, there! It’s always kinda fun to look back at the previous year when the calendar flips. For one thing, it makes me feel proud of the things I was able to accomplish despite having a crazy-busy schedule. Plus, it makes me feel resolved (my word of the year!) to continue making progress on projects around the house. Here’s my top 10 DIY posts of 2016…that is, my personal favorite projects of the year in no particular order.

Each of these projects (except the Junk Art, which was just an awesome way to spend an afternoon with my daughter) was a game changer in one way or another: either by helping us get organized or providing more storage; by saving on space; or just adding a little color to our home. If you have a small(ish) house, chances are, you’ll find an idea here worth trying!

typewriter table

Typing Table Makeover

succulent pen planter

Succulent Pen Planter

yellow door gray siding

Painted Yellow Door

K Cup Organizer and Coffee Sign

dog bed under desk

Disguised Dog Bed

junk art sculpture

Junk Art

Convertible Coffee Table

pegboard organizer

Garage Pegboard Organizer

diy kitchen hutch

DIY Kitchen Hutch

shutter repurposed

Repurposed Shutter

If you liked these, check out my favorite posts from 2014 and 2015! What was your best project from last year? I’d love it if you’d share your projects with me, either by leaving a comment or by visiting me on Facebook!

Here’s to a great 2017, full of pretty projects and productivity!

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