Make Meal-Planning Easier with These DIY Menu Magnets

menu magnets

Hi friends! Man, I’ve missed you. As expected, my job leaves less time for blogging but that doesn’t mean it’s ever far from my mind! Home Made Modern will always be my labor of love.

Speaking of love, one of the ways I show my family I love them is through food. Hardly anything else I do for them makes me feel as good as when our kids clean their plates and say something tastes good to them. I love filling their little bellies. (Is that weird?) For a few weeks when school started, though, I couldn’t get my meal-planning act together. Take-out was becoming way too common and we were all getting cranky about it. So my husband and I made a plan. He now shares the cooking with me (God bless him), and we plan our meals for the week on the weekend. To help keep us organized, I made these menu magnets.

meal planning magnets

Now, if one of us is late getting home, the other can see what’s planned for dinner and get going on it. Plus, we can see what we need to thaw or stick in the crock pot in the morning and make sure we have all the ingredients ahead of time. ‘Cuz who wants to head back out to the store right after getting home from work? Not this girl.

Here’s how I made ’em:

Menu Magnets

Tools & Materials

  • wood lattice
  • wood letters (I got these from Target)
  • spray paint
  • 7 magnets
  • 7 paper clips
  • hot glue gun


  1. Have the hardware store cut a piece of lattice into squares large enough to accommodate the size of letters you have.
  2. Spray paint the squares and the letters the colors of your choice. Let dry.
  3. Using the hot glue gun, adhere the letters to the painted side of the squares.
  4. Next, adhere a magnet and a paper clip to the back of each square. Put a decent amount of glue under and over the top of the end of the paper clips to secure them in place really well.

That’s it! Easy, right? Now we have a better chance of getting dinner on the table and our pizza guy can take a break. We were starting to get to know him a little too well.

What tricks do you use to make meal-planning easier?

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