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word of the year 2017

Well, hello! Welcome to Home Made Modern 2017! I like to kick things off each New Year with a little re-cap of the prior year and by sharing my Word of the Year with you.

I’ve been MIA for a month or two. It’s the holidays, man. They wipe. Me. Out.

Plus, I’m a workin’ mama now, so blogging amidst all of the holiday hubbub AND going to work was just not happening. It got to the point in November when I started to consider signing off of Home Made Modern altogether, just because I hated the idea of my last post not being my “official” last post, if you know what I mean. I felt like I needed to tie things up with a bow.

But then something happened that reminded me I’m not in the driver’s seat. And it all led to my Word of the Year. See, a couple of years ago when my husband’s business was pretty new and we found ourselves without insurance, I was able to scrape together three side-hustles that paid for our health costs. was the gig that really saved us. It was literally a Godsend.

Although About helped immensely from a financial standpoint, my blog on the other hand wasn’t performing the way I had hoped. So last year at this time–you may remember–I decided that I’d give blogging one more year, and if it was still flatlined, I would look for something else.

Then, in June, I decided to take a full-time job at Joann. Yes, it was ahead of schedule, but I could tell my blog wasn’t going to make up the ground it needed to, and plus…this was my dream job!

For the last six months, I’ve been coming home from work, spending time with my family, doing dinner, dishes, laundry, and helping with homework, then writing articles for after the kids went to bed. I knew that kind of schedule wasn’t sustainable, but frankly, we were able to use my income from About to pay off our student loans early, so that was nice. Plus, bird in the hand kind of thing.

Again, I made a promise to myself (and my husband) that I’d give About six more months and then re-evaluate. Six months came. And just as I was about to take the plunge for another year, I got an email.

About had decided not to extend my contract. So that was it. The decision would not be mine to make. I felt emotional about this for a number of reasons. First–and most sharply–I felt rejected. But right on rejection’s heels, came chagrin. Truth be told, I hadn’t been giving About my all since getting my gig at Joann. Finally, I felt a little sad. Writing for About was something I had worked really hard for, achieved on my own, and it sustained us. It came at a time when we needed it most, and just like that–right when we didn’t need it anymore–it was taken away.

The last–and final–feeling I have about this whole thing, though, is peace. Not only can I enjoy evenings and weekends with my family more now, I can also blog when I want to–because I want to. God certainly does know best. He knew I wouldn’t quit on my own and this was His way of saying, “You’re done.” And just like that…peace.

Allll of this brings me to my Word of the Year.

It’s RESOLVE. I feel a new kind of determination and purpose now. For the first time in awhile, I have clarity regarding my goals. I’m charting a course for action. And I have a fire in me to try things I always told myself I couldn’t. When my faith flags, I’ll think of my word. RESOLVE.

If you’re still reading, thank you. (Seriously, thank you.) Now tell me: What’s your word?

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