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Christmas centerpiece

Well, hello there! How are you holding up during the pre-Christmas crazy? I haven’t lost it yet, and it almost worries me. Shouldn’t I be freaking out? Despite my sage advice about how to prep for Christmas in November, we’re not done with shopping, and I haven’t wrapped a thing. We’re hosting about 20 people for Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day. And we’re leaving a week from today for my mom’s so we can get back for the girls’ pageant at church and the arrival of our company. It’s anyone’s guess why I’m calm. It’s kinda eerie. Anyway, let’s talk about my cozy plaid Christmas centerpiece.

You may remember my succulent candle centerpiece. Which turned into my fall centerpiece. (Wait for it…I know you’re gonna be super-shocked by what I did next!) Yep, I made a Christmas centerpiece out of the same basic elements! I kinda warned you this was gonna happen. I saw the versatility in this antique drawer I bought last summer and just knew it would only take a couple of easy updates to make it work all year-long.

candle holder centerpiece 3 ways

For this iteration, I swapped the acorns for small pine cones. And I found some beautiful plaid felt ribbon at Joann that worked as festive wraps for the votive holders. There’s nothing cozier than candlelight during the cold, dark days before Christmas. What do you think?

Christmas candle holder

It looks so warm and inviting at night, but during the day it’s super-cheery, and matches the red, green and blue theme I love in our family room for Christmas. See?

Christmas centerpiece

I hope to be able to squeeze in at least one more post before the big day, but as previously bemoaned…I kinda have my plate full. So if that doesn’t happen…I hope your season is merry and bright and I’ll see you in 2017!

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