Canada’s 25 Biggest Attractions (Literally)

Giant mosquito statuePhoto: David Diamond

Not-So-Friendly Giant?

“My wife, Nicole, and I love taking Sunday drives and road trips,” says David Diamond of Bathurst, N.B. “While touring in the Yukon, we came upon this giant mosquito in a field next to the Caribou Crossing Trading Post and Yukon Wildlife Museum. I wouldn’t be so quick as to call it a friendly giant, because they really like to stick it to you! I’m just glad I’m not at the receiving end of this one!”

For one adventurous Our Canada traveller, the contrast between the Carcoss Desert and Emerald Lake is the best part of the Yukon.

Giant motorcycle statuePhoto: David Pinhey

Vroom, Vroom

“My friend Sophie and I were on vacation and heard about a place in Clinton, B.C., where there are more than 100 objects made of scrap metal,” says David Pinhey of Surrey, B.C. “This motorcycle is made of spare car and truck parts,” says David, who snapped Sophie and her dog, Misia, with the oversized motorbike.

Check out this collector’s impressive vintage motorcycle replicas.

Giant lawn mower displayPhoto: Herb Higgin-Bottom

What a Tool!

“My wife, Linda, asked me to build ’something big’ for our tool museum,” writes Herb Higgin-Bottom of Enderby, B.C. “I said yes—that was my first mistake! A little more than a year later, we had an 18-foot-high, 11-foot-wide, 1,458-pound steel lawn mower. We get so many smiles and laughs, it was well worth the effort.”

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