A Christmas Pom-Pom Wreath in the Kitchen Window

Christmas pom-pom wreath

Hello, and an almost Merry Christmas to you! I wasn’t sure if I’d have the time to pop back on here again, but this one will be a quickie and I just had to share how I added some Christmas cheer to our kitchen with a pom-pom wreath hung in the window. (Don’t you just love a window over the sink?)

I can’t take credit for making the wreath; I got it at a sample sale at work for $1. (Yes, a buck! It was a prop used in a photo shoot for one of our mailers, and no one claimed it. Lucky me!) Now, if you would like to learn how to make a pom-pom wreath, I may be able to help with that, too, because this one is going to get some blue added to it when I get a chance. I’ll keep you posted!

No, this post is more about how I hung the wreath than how it was made. I’m patting myself on the back for that, you say? Well…yeah! I thought it was clever to utilize the window sash for a couple of bottle-brush trees. See?

pom-pom wreath closeup

Since you can’t hang this type of wreath outside, I wanted to find a place for this beauty indoors. Hello, it was a buck! Plus, the colors were almost perfect for our red, green and blue Christmas. So I used the pretty plaid ribbon left over from my cozy Christmas candle holder, looped it through the wreath to hang it, then positioned it so that the middle of the wreath would allow a little display to peek through. I had these trees already, but I think next year, I’ll add a little house, too.

yarn pom-pom wreath

It was warm-ish out when I took these pics, but now there’s a blanket of snow out there, which makes everything that much cozier.

So that’s it. I didn’t have any extra time to craft this year, but do I get enough points for presentation?

Here are a couple more wreath posts–one I actually made! Haha.

winter wreath with cardinal          Christmas wreath on yellow front door

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