40 Problem Solving Presents Under $40

Canadian Gift Guide: Lee Valley multi-tool keychainPhoto: Lee Valley

The problem: She’s always asking to borrow your screwdriver. And your box cutters. And your wrench…
The solution: Multi-tool keychain, $12, Lee Valley

How about gifting her all three of those in one hard-working holiday keychain? This versatile multi-tool packs an astonishing number of functions (including a #1 Philips screwdriver, safety cutter blade, 3/16″, 1/4″ and 5/16″ hex wrenches, Imperial and metric ruler, and bottle opener) into a single stocking stuffer. Pretty impressive for a present that only sets you back the price of a movie ticket!

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Canadian Gift Guide: Portable steam iron, Amazon CanadaPhoto: Amazon

The problem: She scorched her best blouse with a shady hotel iron on her last business trip.
The solution: Steamfast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron, $39, Amazon

This pint-sized portable steam iron will quickly become as essential as her passport. (Here are more must-have travel accessories for the frequent flyer.) Although tiny (the non-stick press plate is about the size of your palm), it’s surprisingly powerful, heating up in just 15 seconds to effortlessly erase those pesky wrinkles from tightly-packed garments. The iron comes with its own travel bag and is equipped with dual voltage (120V and 240V) for usage in most countries. —Andrea Karr

Canadian Gift Guide: Drill brush set, AmazonPhoto: Amazon

The problem: The power drill you gave him last Christmas still hasn’t come out of its packaging.
The solution: Drillbrush three-piece power scrubber cleaning kit, $18, Amazon

Instead of waiting for a heavy-duty DIY project to come along, press his power drill into service as a high-powered scrub brush. Designed for use with a typical power drill, the gentle nylon brushes make quick work of grimy grout and other tough-to-clean surfaces in your bathroom (think tubs, tiles and even shower door tracks). It may not completely take the bore out of this particular chore, but it sure comes close.

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