16 Shots of Cute Kids in the Great Outdoors

Little girl snow sleddingPhoto: Rhonda Beirnes

Hold On Tight!

Rhonda Beirnes of Listowel, Ont., snapped this cute pic of her granddaughter Avery, writing, “No big hill needed—just a small ramp and her Uncle Josh willing to pull her around the yard!”

Cute kids dressed as cowboys with a horsePhoto: Sharon Peters

Three Wise Cowboys

Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alta., writes, “At a recent family reunion, the cousins acted out a ‘cowboy’ version of the Nativity scene. There were 11 children involved, ranging in age from one month to 11 years. This picture is of three of the cousins (from left: Cooper, Adam and Seth) who were playing the role of the three wise men. They were on their way to find baby Jesus, who was being played by their one-month old cousin.”

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Kitty nibblesPhoto: Suzanne Howg

Kitty Nibbles

Suzanne Howg of Prelate, Sask., sent along this priceless pic writing, “My youngest son, David, likes to be helpful, so, when his brother A.J.’s cat Spooks kept going back to our old house after we moved, David would walk the two blocks over there and bring her back. Spooks didn’t want to cooperate on the way home—she didn’t bite David, just let him know she wasn’t happy!“

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