15 Spectacular Shots that Showcase the Beauty of the Canadian Winter

Canadian winter: Coaldale, Alberta PHOTO: E.J. THIESSEN

A Kiss from the Canadian Winter

E.J. Thiessen of Coaldale, Alberta, shares this awesome image, writing: “Last January, Jack Frost painted this southern Alberta landscape with icing-sugar-like frost—the result was jaw-dropping.”

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Canadian winter: Lake Nipissing, OntarioPhoto: Marlene Parker

Intrepid Explorer

Marlene Parker of Campbellton, New Brunswick, shares this adorable photo, writing: “This is my then-one-year-old granddaughter Dahlia out for an afternoon excursion on Lake Nipissing, Ontario. It looks more like she’s crawling along the surface of the moon!”

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Canadian winter: Canadian RockiesPhoto: Gillian Reain

Majestic Mountains

Gillian Reain of Waterloo, Ontario, writes, “Last year, I was fortunate enough to travel to Alberta and explore more of our beautiful country. I snapped this photo upon seeing the incredible Canadian Rockies for the very first time. I had seen them in pictures before, but to see them in person was truly an amazing experience that I think every Canadian should have the opportunity to enjoy. Our Canada is vast, beautiful and scenic, and I think this picture perfectly represents that.”

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