15 Spectacular Photos of Big Things Aross Canada

We asked you to capture the country’s biggest things—and you delivered! From hilarious roadside attractions to impressive rock formations, these photos from Our Canada readers prove that bigger is always better.

Giant hay stacksPhoto: Erla McCormick

Rolling giants

Erla McCormick of Sarnia, Ont., found inspiration in the hayfields of nearby Bayfield.

We count down the 10 places in Canada every Canadian needs to visit.

Giant twisted tree rootsPhoto: Alexandra Fontaine

Twisted roots

Less than an hour drive from Vancouver lies Rolley Lake Provincial Park, where photographer Alexandra Fontaine captured these oh-so big tree roots!

These 10 photos show the true power of Mother Nature.

Moraine Lake in Banff, AlbertaPhoto: Kayla Cuddy

Mountains beyond mountains

Kayla Cuddy of Harlowe, Ont., writes: “These big, beautiful mountains make the rest of the world seem very small at Moraine Lake in Banff, Alberta!”

Not a fan of skiing? Here’s what you can do in Banff—without snow.

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