14 Types of Birds in Canada, Captured on Camera

Whether they’re perched at the backyard feeder or soaring high in an azure sky, our fine feathered friends always make beautiful subjects for photography. Check out these winged wonders snapped by Our Canada readers.

Types of birds in Canada: RedpollPhoto: Rene Wagner

Types of Birds in Canada: Redpoll

Rene Wagner of Sceptre, Saskatchewan, writes, “As I was sitting down for a bite to eat, I glanced out my window and noticed this pretty little redpoll. It had been eating out of a feeder I’d set up and now seemed to be looking for something to drink. Luckily, there was fresh snow on my deck. I grabbed my camera and captured a pic of this little beauty.”

The common redpoll is a member of the finch family. They can be spotted year round in the Northwest Territories, as well as Newfoundland and Labrador. Their distinctive red foreheads are—you guessed it—where their name is derived from.

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Types of birds in Canada: Steller's jayPhoto: Rhea Hayes

Types of Birds in Canada: Steller’s Jay

Rhea Hayes of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, writes, “The bright blue colour of this steller’s jay showed up beautifully against the white of the winter snow.”

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Types of birds in Canada: Northern CardinalPhoto: Karen Cook

Types of Birds in Canada: Northern Cardinal

Karen Cook of Kingston, Nova Scotia, says, “This female northern cardinal looked so lovely with ice and snow coating her exquisite face.”

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