13 Reasons It’s Great to Be Living in Canada

Everybody knows about our publicly-funded healthcare, clean and beautiful landscape, and the overall amazing quality of life that come with living in Canada. But what about all the little things that make it great to be a Canuck? Here are 13 often-overlooked reasons it’s awesome to live in Canada.

Living in Canada - Yoga at ParliamentPhoto: Shutterstock

You Can Do Yoga on Parliament Hill

Heading to Ottawa this summer? Every Wednesday afternoon through to the end of August, the lawn of our nation’s capital is covered in yoga enthusiasts! This unusual tradition years ago with an instructor from a local Lululemon store and several students, and it has since morphed into a weekly one-hour free class, often with about 1,000 participants. The largest group so far has reached 2,500 people. Here are 12 more awesome things you didn’t know were in Canada.


Living in Canada - kayak with icebergPhoto: Shutterstock

You Can Paddle Past Icebergs

One of the best things about living in Canada is the opportunity to spot icebergs, and in Newfoundland you can do it from shore, on a tour boat or even a guided sea kayak adventure. These great white giants break off of glaciers in western Greenland and float south along a route known as Iceberg Alley. You can even spot their positions via satellite using.icebergfinder.com. If you’re already touring Newfoundland, here are 10 more experiences to add to your East Coast itinerary.


Living in Canada - Gray whale migrationPhoto: Shutterstock

You Can Watch the World’s Longest Mammal Migration

Every spring about 20,000 gray whales swim north near the western coast of Vancouver Island towards summer feeding grounds in the Bering Sea. They’ll cover a 16,000 to 22,500 km round trip, with their spring journey bringing them right to the Vancouver coast. Some whales can be spotted from shore, and boat tours are readily available. In mid-March, Tofino, Ucluelet and Pacific Rim National Park Reserve celebrate with the annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival.

Psst—Tofino also made our list of the best beaches in Canada!

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