13 Game of Thrones Castles You Can Visit in Real Life

The medieval fantasy epic may have aired its final episode, but you can re-live the show and all its best scenes at these filming locations. Caution: spoilers ahead.


Castle of Zafra, Spain

Castle of Zafra is the epic setting of The Tower of Joy in Game of Thrones. During the third episode of season six, a young Ned Stark and his bannermen fight Ser Arthur Dayne and Ser Gerold Hightower as seen in flashback via Bran Stark’s visions. In real life, Castle of Zafra is a 12th-century castle in Guadalajara near the little village of Campillo de Dueñas. Interestingly, it’s also an excavation site where remains from the Celtiberians, Romans, and the Visigoths have been unearthed.

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Doune Castle, Scotland

Blink and you may have missed Doune Castle—it stood in for a section of Winterfell, the Stark’s ancestral home, in the pilot episode. (It served as the tower where Jamie Lannister pushes Bran out the window, famously saying, “The things we do for love.”) The 14th-century medieval castle was built as the home of Regent Albany, known as “Scotland’s uncrowned king.” Would-be visitors are cautioned that it’s not an easy property to visit. “The castle courtyard and cellar, including display, is accessible via a steep, cobbled (but partially timbered) tunnel,” according to VisitScotland. “Assisted access is possible for the determined, but is difficult.”

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Castle Ward, Northern Ireland

One of the first locations of the Game of Thrones series, Castle Ward also played the part of Winterfell in the pilot and throughout most of the first season. Sign up for one of Winterfell Tours to experience the 18th-century mansion, including dressing up as your favourite character and stepping into a replica of the Winterfell Archery Range.

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