12 Things Smart Travellers Always Do Before a Flight

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Prevent jetlag

If your circadian rhythm is easily disturbed, a little foresight can help decrease your adjustment time. “Set your watch to the arrival time zone as soon as you sit in the plane,” says Mitch Krayton, CTA, who owns Denver-based Krayton Travel. “Then eat, sleep, and act like you are already in the time zone. This will help you manage jet lag and keep you ready to go on arrival.”

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Put on compression socks

They may not be sexy, but compression socks are a simple life-saving measure everyone should add to their wardrobe. “Especially during a long flight, remaining sedentary for extended periods of time can introduce problems,” says Dr. William Spangler, Global Medical Director with AIG Travel, who has more than 30 years of emergency medical experience. “One of the most common of these is deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which is the formation of blood clots, particularly in the lower leg or thigh. It doesn’t cause much pain, but when the clots break off and go elsewhere, they can create serious problems.” Aside from compression socks, which help to increase circulation, Dr. Spangler advises getting up at least every two hours, even if it’s only in your seat just to move your legs. If you can walk up and down the aisle a bit, that’s even better.

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Avoid germs

In the natural course of your travel day, you’re going to be touching numerous surfaces buttons, touch screens, escalator railings, security bins, armrests, seat belts, and tray tables—that countless people have touched before you between cleanings. “Clean germs off your hands as frequently as possible, and carry a three-ounce bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer for whenever you can’t wash with soap and water,” says Dr. Spangler. “Also, consider bringing a small packet of antibacterial wipes when you’re flying to wipe down the surfaces that will be in your immediate vicinity for the duration of your flight, particularly the seat-back tray table, which has been shown to harbour more germs than the airplane bathroom.”

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