10 Stunning Photos of the Colour Green

From moss-covered forests to the colours of a hummingbird’s plumage, check out these earthy photos captured by Our Canada readers.

Monarch caterpillarPhoto: Isabelle Marozzo

Life cycle

“Here’s a monarch caterpillar soon to become a monarch butterfly,” writes Isabelle Marozzo. “I have many milkweed plants in my flower garden, so I have plenty of food for monarchs!”

This marsh is Nova Scotia’s best-kept bird watching secret!

Historical reenactment of the War of 1812Photo: Karen Allin

Historial reenactment

Karen Allin paid a visit to the Bradley Museum in Mississauga, Ont., and happened upon this impressive reenactment of the War of 1812. (Pictured is the Canadian side.)

Lettuce gardenPhoto: Paula Brown

Green thumb

“My daughter, Shelly, has the most magnificent vegetable garden,” writes photographer Paula Brown of Ottawa. “I love the lush green colour of the lettuce.”

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