10 Beautiful Attractions in Canada That Will Take Your Breath Away

From the luminous waters of Lake Louise to Quebec’s Ice Hotel, we’re counting down the most beautiful attractions in Canada.

Canada attractions - Lake LouisePhoto: Shutterstock

1. Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta

Situated at the foot of alpine peaks in Banff National Park, Lake Louise is easily one of the most beautiful attractions in Canada. It’s well worth dodging throngs of tourists to experience the crystal-blue waters and stunning vistas. There’s plenty to do at the lake, including booking a serene gondola ride in the summer and ice skating in the winter months. The nearby resort village of Lake Louise is the highest community in Canada at 1,540 metres (5,052 feet). While you’re there, check out the top seven things to do in Banff.

Canada attractions - Hotel de GlacePhoto: Hotel de Glace

2. Hotel de Glace, Quebec City

Can you truly call yourself a Canadian if you haven’t slept on a bed made of ice? If your answer is a resounding no, it’s time to book a room in Quebec City‘s famed Hotel de Glace. Constructed every year from more than 15,000 tonnes of snow, the hotel features 36 rooms, a bar and an outdoor spa with saunas. The temperature in the hotel is between -3°C and -5°C, so guests bundle up in arctic sleeping bags through the night. While prices for overnight stays are steep, the hotel offers tours for visitors just passing through. Looking for even more luxury? Check out Canada’s greatest hotels.

Canada attractions - NahanniPhoto: Shutterstock

3. Nahanni National Park Reserve, North West Territories

Nahanni was the first place in the world to be given UNESCO World Heritage status in 1978. It’s no wonder—this reserve in the southwest part of the North West Territories features 30,000 square kilometres of pristine northern wilderness. The park protects the Mackenzie Mountains Natural Region and is home to the Nahanni River, which winds through mountain valleys and canyons. (Here are more must-visit parks across Canada.) The river’s breathtaking features include sulphur hot springs and Virginia Falls, a vertical drop twice as steep as Niagara Falls, and easily one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Canada. The park is also home to a large variety of wildlife, including wolves, woodland caribou, mountain goats and black bears.

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