A Tree For Every Room: Christmas Tour

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so go ahead and get your Christmas decorating on! Today we’re sharing why you should go ahead and get crazy with a tree for every room, even the unexpected ones!


*This post is sponsored by At Home, the home & holiday décor superstore

We’re challenging you to re-imagine your holiday décor and think of the rest of the spaces around your house!

Who says the Christmas tree and holiday decorating is only for the family room where you open your gifts? Today we’re challenging you to re-imagine your holiday décor and think of the rest of the spaces around your house. Consider adding a tree to the bedroom, the bathroom, the laundry room, etc. Don’t they deserve a little Christmas cheer too?

Faith & Josh’s Historic Home

I had a blast helping Faith & Josh decorate their stunning historic home for this ‘A Tree for Every Room’ tour sponsored by At Home.

We’re slowly but surely preparing their home for the upcoming Preservation Burlington Christmas tour of homes, and we needed loads of trendy budget friendly décor. The first thing we did was meet up for a big shopping spree to the At Home stores. They seriously have the largest assortment of home décor and holiday items I have ever seen. The first time I walked into my local At Home store, it took me a moment to take it all in. Josh was a total trooper while Faith and I roamed the store like kids in an a candy shop.


I’m kinda sorta deeply in love with their house. Faith and Josh had just finished a huge remodel throughout the home and it looks stunning but is ready for a little decorating. So our holiday shopping included a few practical pieces to help pull the room together as well as decorate it for the holidays. I think you’re going to like these before and after’s…they are small but mighty makeovers!

Tree Choice #1: The Office

The office is this beautiful high ceiling front room that you see right after you enter the house. That made this choice #1 for a big beautiful Christmas tree as a feature.

We went with the Spinderella Christmas tree, a 7.5 foot tree that came prepped with lights, spins, and even changes light colors from traditional white to multi-colored with a push of a button! Talk about all the bells and whistles…half your job is pretty much done for you, just jump right to the fun part.


Here what the office looked like before and after our mini makeover.



Big difference right? And we aren’t even done with this space…


It’s amazing what the addition of an area rug to ground the space, an armchair, a beautifully decorated tree, and a few well styled pieces can do.


It’s not always an entire room remodel that makes a space. Sometimes it’s a few well chosen accessories…one of the things I loved about my trip to the At Home stores is how easy it was to shop their huge variety of decorating accessories. I might have gone a little crazy in the glass/vase aisle.


Tree Choice #2: The Bedroom

I don’t know about you, but the bedroom is the one place so many of us go to wind down at the end of a long day. That makes this choice #2 for a beautiful tree and a few small but well chosen holiday decorations. I think a bedroom ought to be a welcome and whimsical space too.

Here is Faith and Josh’s bedroom before:


And here it is after! A bedroom is definitely the space you want your décor to be subtle, full of beautiful warmth and coziness, and I think that was certainly accomplished.

Blue Bedroom Decorated for Christmas

We went with a soft rather than spindly tree, and I couldn’t love this choice more! Something this sweet little Bradford Spruce tree makes you feel like you are out in a magical woods.


You’ll notice we added a few non-holiday related items in the room, but it needed some items such as a proper scale side table, and a few miscellaneous details attended to.


Tree Choice #3: The Portico

Although the homeowners don’t usually use this door to enter, the portico is visible from the street, and all the guests who will be touring through their home for the holiday tour will enter through here. We definitely had to do something cute as a first impression.

Portico Before

The 3 piece Unlit Greune Flocked Christmas tree set was the perfect choice for the portico. It came in a set of perfectly staggered height trees, and was a nod to the white Christmas so many of us are hoping to have.


Even if snow isn’t here yet, at least we can imagine what it will be like with these little guys out here on the front patio.


Isn’t Faith and Josh’s home beautiful? With my own home under construction it has been a welcome distraction to decorate someone else’s home.

I hope this mini sneak peek holiday tour has given you a bit of inspiration for your own holiday decorating. If you add holiday décor and a Christmas tree to rooms you wouldn’t normally, I’d love to see it! Tag Home Made by Carmona and At Home on Facebook or find us on Instagram so we can see your inspired holiday spaces.

*A huge thank you to At Home stores for sponsoring this post. It has been an honor to join in the ‘A Tree For Every Room’ blog tours and campaign. Follow At Home via Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more great products and decorating ideas.

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Burlington Holiday Tour of Homes

I’m honored to have been asked to be the designer for a gorgeous historic home that is part of Preservation Burlington’s annual Holiday Tour of Homes!

When: December 9, 2018, 12-5pm| Where: Burlington, North Carolina

Local? Learn more about the tour and sign up for tickets here!

Holiday Tour of Homes


How could I possibly pass up such a great opportunity with such a fantastic organization? So a couple weeks ago I shared a sneak peek of the holiday table of Faith & Josh’s beautiful home, and this coming week I will share another sneak peek of a couple fun before and after spaces we did in preparation for the holiday tour of homes.

There are 7 homes on the tour, and each has it’s own designer. But I feel like partnering with Faith and Josh was just meant to be. Their home has beautiful bones they have so artfully restored into a stunning contemporary house.

Holiday Home Staging Partners

This is such a big job, I couldn’t do it without some help (and several gorgeous decorative pieces) from a local partner.

I’m especially excited to have Aubrey Home, a local home decorating and design shop in Greensboro North Carolina partnering with us. They are providing all our staging items…because what is a lovely home without anything in it?


This past week I got to spend a little time scouting through Aubrey Home for the perfect items, and getting to know Sharon Nussbaum, the owner and a fantastic designer.


You immediately get a sense of her glam but personable style when walking into the shop. Every space is styled like rooms and nooks within a house, so you could very well just buy the whole set up with that designer quality that Sharon has already put together.

If you are ever in Greensboro, definitely make this a stop on your list. Not only is the shop wonderfully inspiring with stunning pieces, but you if you need a designer Sharon also offers design services. I may need to put Sharon on speed dial for those particularly perplexing design situations in my home that I need a more experienced opinion on.


I had all kinds of inspiration walking through the shop…and I think I know what pieces we will be using to stage Faith’s home for the Holiday Home Tour. The trick will be highlighting the style and bones of the home, while highlighting elements of Faith and Josh’s taste.


Designing for A Historic Home

Faith and Josh did a ton of renovation to bring their historic home up the quality of living we have today, but without sacrificing any of the beauty and quirky charm that comes with older homes. Now it is my job to make sure this huge colonial revival house is ready for it’s close up with rooms that are no longer bare, but beautifully warm and inviting.


It will be a bit of a challenge since their home is SO big, but I’m looking forward to it! Even with all the gorgeous pieces to choose from to help stage the home from Aubrey Home furniture and decor, I need to remember that it is a holiday tour and really inspire people with all the fun holiday touches.


There is a lot to do with little time, so wish me luck!

Follow along with the tour progress and more sneak peeks here on Instagram, and be sure to follow Aubrey Home and Preservation Burlington as well!

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Custom Nailhead Headboard Tutorial – Home Made By Carmona

Can’t find the perfect nailhead headboard that fits your style or budget? We’ve got the perfect solution!

Learn how to custom make your own nailhead headboard (at a fraction of the cost).


*Sponsored by our friends at Spoonflower. Woop woop!

I’m feeling all the feels about how awesome it is to create a truly custom headboard! Did you ever imagine you could customize the fabric, the headboard shape, the size, the height…every little detail? I knew I could “build” a headboard (although, let’s be honest, this barely counts as a build). I didn’t know you could literally design your own fabric, and even have throw pillows made in a custom design!

A Truly Custom Nailhead Headboard

At Spoonflower you can choose from hundreds of stylish and trendy fabric selections, OR you can create your own design. They will turn into the fabric type of choice for you! How awesome is that?

Headboard with custom floral fabric

Wait, that’s not all. You can sell your own design, turn it into wallpaper, or even gift wrap. Guys. guys. I can’t even. Why did I not hear about this before?

‘Whimsy Girl’ Design Collection

I love that my 12-year-old daughter Priya got to have complete creative control and design fabric for her own headboard and pillows. It is her bedroom, why shouldn’t it reflect her style and taste?



Priya is my little artist, so she was thrilled to be able design her own floral fabric and watch it become a headboard. Then via Spoonflower’s sister brand Roostery we ordered throw pillows made from one of her leaf designs.

If you can let your child turn their drawings into throw pillows, wall paper, gift wrap, or a headboard…definitely go for it!


OR you can buy Priya’s Whimsy Girl collection, and the percentage she receives from the sale via Spoonflower will go into her college fund (she plans to become an artist!).

Shop Priya’s prints here: Whimsy Girl Floral  and Whimsical Leaves


Bedroom with nailhead headboard

How To Make Your Own Headboard

This tutorial really is super simple. The video shared at the beginning of this post gives you the how-to, but for those of you who prefer to read than watch, never fear! Instructions are below!


  1. Determine Headboard Shape: Use a roll of paper (kraft paper or gift wrap will do) cut to the desired width you want your headboard to be. Fold in half, and trace the half shape you want for the headboard. Cut it out, open it on your plywood, and use painters tape to hold it in place. Trace the shape onto the plywood.
  2. Cut Plywood: use a jig saw to cut the shape you have just traced onto your plywood. Sand any overly rough edges.
  3. Add Legs To Give Height (Optional): Add two 2×4’s (or the thinner 1×4’s) the same distance from the edges of your headboard (5 inches recommended). Simply screw on the legs to the plywood. It is recommended you add a support across the top or middle between those two legs.
  4. Cut Foam To Size: Cut out 3/4″ upholstery foam to the shape of the plywood. Be sure to cover the full plywood front (remember, the back has legs). Place fabric over top, center, and smooth it out.
  5. Nail on Upholstery Tacks: Nail upholstery tacks around the edge of your headboard starting from the top and working outward. Don’t forget to pull the fabric taut as you go. You can nail tacks right on the edge, or leave a 1/2″ space. Check the “Tack Tip” below for details on this step.
  6. Staple Fabric Edges: Pull the fabric tight around to the back of the headboard and staple in place. You may need to trim fabric pieces in order to shape around curved areas. Optionally add a backing.

Super Secret Nailhead Trick

You could use a nailhead strip (as long as your curves aren’t too curvey). But I think applying individual nailheads looks much more chic than the faux strip version.

The Problem: Because you are hammering nailhead tacks into plywood, this harder wood tends to leave you with more bent tacks than straight ones. They also don’t drive in straight, resulting in a crooked line. I have a nifty little trick to help you achieve a beautiful and perfectly curved or straight line.

The Solution: Think of this solution as similar to pre-drilling holes to place your tacks in. You can’t actually use a drill bit if your fabric has a tight weave…it will just spin and get caught in the drill bit. Instead hammer nails to create holes half the depth of the tack, then pull the nail out. Now you can insert the tack into the hole you just made and drive it the rest of the way in.


Use a nailhead spacer to get those pre-hammered holes lined up just right. You’ll want to use a a finishing nail (the thinnest one you get, and still easily hold to hammer). To get the depth right without guessing each time, use a little piece of painters tape around the nail as a “stop” point, or mark the nail with a sharpie. While you will use a regular hammer to drive the nails, but a special tack hammer to drive the tacks. Keep your tacks from being scratched by layering painters tape on the end of the tack hammer. When it gets bare, just slap on even more.

The Final Results + Materials

Priya is loving her nailhead headboard! If you make your own, please be sure to share with us on Facebook. Also tag Home Made by Carmona and Spoonflower so we can see your handiwork.


Wondering how much of everything you’ll need? Or where I got my tools? Here is what you’ll need:


Both Priya and I have plans to continue creating gorgeous fabric designs, so follow our Spoonflower shop here for the latest and greatest!

For other great designers and product, follow Spoonflower on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and check out their blog here.

*Special thanks to Spoonflower for sponsoring this post and making this awesome project possible! All opinions, projects, and images are that of Home Made by Carmona.

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Make Meal-Planning Easier with These DIY Menu Magnets

menu magnets

Hi friends! Man, I’ve missed you. As expected, my job leaves less time for blogging but that doesn’t mean it’s ever far from my mind! Home Made Modern will always be my labor of love.

Speaking of love, one of the ways I show my family I love them is through food. Hardly anything else I do for them makes me feel as good as when our kids clean their plates and say something tastes good to them. I love filling their little bellies. (Is that weird?) For a few weeks when school started, though, I couldn’t get my meal-planning act together. Take-out was becoming way too common and we were all getting cranky about it. So my husband and I made a plan. He now shares the cooking with me (God bless him), and we plan our meals for the week on the weekend. To help keep us organized, I made these menu magnets.

meal planning magnets

Now, if one of us is late getting home, the other can see what’s planned for dinner and get going on it. Plus, we can see what we need to thaw or stick in the crock pot in the morning and make sure we have all the ingredients ahead of time. ‘Cuz who wants to head back out to the store right after getting home from work? Not this girl.

Here’s how I made ’em:

Menu Magnets

Tools & Materials

  • wood lattice
  • wood letters (I got these from Target)
  • spray paint
  • 7 magnets
  • 7 paper clips
  • hot glue gun


  1. Have the hardware store cut a piece of lattice into squares large enough to accommodate the size of letters you have.
  2. Spray paint the squares and the letters the colors of your choice. Let dry.
  3. Using the hot glue gun, adhere the letters to the painted side of the squares.
  4. Next, adhere a magnet and a paper clip to the back of each square. Put a decent amount of glue under and over the top of the end of the paper clips to secure them in place really well.

That’s it! Easy, right? Now we have a better chance of getting dinner on the table and our pizza guy can take a break. We were starting to get to know him a little too well.

What tricks do you use to make meal-planning easier?

If you liked this post, check out these other life hacks:

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Happy Place (Part II) – Interiors for Families

As promised, I’m back for Part II of our Project Happy Place reveal. You know, the one that almost didn’t happen because my client (aka sister-in-law) and her family decided to move to a new home. It happened so fast, in fact, that they have already moved out. Like, a week ago. I have that feeling like when you do a show house, and have to dismantle your room a month after you painstakingly put every last detail into it. But I’m so grateful we snuck in less than two weeks before they moved out to capture this project I finished a couple of years ago.

Read Part I here… but don’t forget to come back!

This reveal is near and dear to my heart, as it is my chance to share the bedrooms I created for three of my wonderful nieces. Before I show you the images, I think it’s important for me to be clear what I did and didn’t do in this project. Certain major elements (including all paint colors) in each room were selected long ago by my sister-in-law, and others are the work of a designer she worked with before I started my business. I will point out for each room what these elements are to avoid any confusion, as the last thing I want to do is to take credit for anyone else’s work. I did think it was still important to share how big of an impact you can make by changing some, but not all things in a space. Because many of us don’t have the budget and/or desire to completely start from scratch. Closer to evolution than revolution, but still with dramatic results! Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Niece #1

This niece was just four years old (barely) when we tackled her space. This one had several ‘designer’ furnishings already in it – paint, headboard and bed skirt, area rug, and window treatments. Our task was to add bedroom furniture, lighting, art and accessories. My sister-in-law is very busy as a mother of five and the last thing she wants to do is oversee the redecoration of five bedrooms in her home every 5 years. So we built this to literally last forever.

Niece #1 – BEFORE

[BEFORE] Project Reveal: Happy Place (Part 2) | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

Niece #1 – AFTER

Project Reveal: Happy Place (Part 2) | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

We employed our same mix of retail, designer, and custom furnishings that we did on the landing in the bedrooms, here adding a nightstand from Bungalow 5, Stray Dog Designs paper mache lamps, as well as monogrammed bedding and a desk (slash nightstand) from Pottery Barn. I even tracked down the pretty embroidered floral used for the window treatments and had a custom bolster made out of it and the CR Laine desk chair fabric. The artwork is my favorite – colorful, yet serene watercolor scenes from the Boston Public Garden by late local artist Peter Spataro (via Debbie Bowen Associates).

Project Reveal: Happy Place (Part 2) | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

We went ahead and got two of these super-fun dotty green velvet chairs (which I had made with a custom scalloped nailhead pattern), because when you have four siblings, you never know who will drop by to hang out! The art install illustrates a favorite trick of mine – giving small art a big impact. We custom framed hand-colored antique Chinese book prints (via Debbie Bowen) with oversized matting, and hung them all together in a grid – like one big piece. They are so delicate and charming!

Project Reveal: Happy Place (Part 2) | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

I believe every kids’ bedroom needs a bookshelf, but space was tight here to add that, in addition to the desk. My solution was to incorporate two rattan etageres flanking a white lacquered dresser from Bungalow 5. Each etagere has a book basket on the first level, and plenty of space for additional storage and display of family photos. And can you believe I found the mirror for a song at HomeGoods!? With a few changes of accessories, this room would have easily transitioned with her all the way into adulthood. (More on that transition later!)

Niece #2

I loved that I had an opportunity to work with two twin beds in Niece #2 and #3’s bedrooms! The deep cherry wood furniture is not what I would have chosen had I been starting with a blank slate, but I always relish the challenge of ‘making it work,’ and I think we did just that.

Niece #2 – BEFORE

[BEFORE] Project Reveal: Happy Place (Part 2) | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

Niece #2 – AFTER

Project Reveal: Happy Place (Part 2) | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

The existing custom chinoiserie valance was so cute, I decided to incorporate it into my design, just like I did with Niece #1’s room. I serendipitously found bedding with the same pattern (and a coordinating fret print) from Legacy Home, one of my go-to bedding vendors. We snapped up the chinoiserie accent pillows and added the bed skirts, and mixed in monogrammed shams.

Project Reveal: Happy Place (Part 2) | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

We had to take this same shot as a vertical to see the Crystorama light fixture, which I absolutely love. The existing skirted nightstand was working very well, so that stayed, but we topped it with a big lime green lamp. Did you also notice we painted the (unused) door to the attic crawl space the color of the wall? Just a little bit of camouflage!

Project Reveal: Happy Place (Part 2) | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

This swivel chair from CR Laine paired with a Ballard Designs footstool in a Robert Allen fabric provided a cozy reading corner for Niece #2. We lucked out with some pretty sunlight on photo shoot day!

Project Reveal: Happy Place (Part 2) | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

I loved placing this intriguing abstract painting by local artist G. Anthony George in my niece’s bedroom (via Debbie Bowen).


Niece #3

Not only is Niece #3 a high schooler and the big sister to the entire family, she is also wise beyond her years. I could not wait to remove several pieces from her room that were holdouts from her infant years. Her juvenile nursery rug and toddler bedding needed to make way for more mature and fun furnishings.

Niece #3 – BEFORE

[BEFORE] Project Reveal: Happy Place (Part 2) | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

(I think I took my before pics the day before they left for vacation!)

Niece #3 – AFTER

Project Reveal: Happy Place (Part 2) | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

Again here, we kept the paint color, window treatment, the bedroom furniture ‘set,’ and the skirted nightstand. New to the now brighter and more vibrant scene were the narrow-striped area rug, bedding, lighting, and art/accessories. And again, we mixed and matched the bedding – the duvets are from Serena & Lily, skirts and monogrammed boudoir pillows from Legacy Home, and the fun chevron shams are John Robshaw. Niece #3 also received a giant green lamp, and her original art is the beautiful orchid and white swirled resin-coated piece by Provincetown artist Karole Moe (via Libby Silvia ArtStyle). It was a thrill to incorporate this delightful light fixture by Jonathan Adler for Robert Abbey – flush mount lighting just doesn’t get cooler than this!

Project Reveal: Happy Place (Part 2) | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

I absolutely love Niece #3’s reading chair, also from CR Laine, and bedecked in a purple textured woven (with a silver metallic thread) from Pindler. Her stool also sports fabric from Robert Allen, but a different pattern. I felt that this room seemed to need a touch of leopard, and this Society Social velvet throw pillow was just the right dose :).


As I mentioned, this family has already moved. I thought I would share what’s happened to all of this stuff after we photographed these rooms. This is reality – people move, and it’s important to me to know that the investments my clients make in buying new furnishings, art, and accessories are for the long-term. So…where are they now?

  • Based on their bedroom sizes and layouts in their new home, Niece #1 and Niece #3 did a full room swap. Really! Of course, the only thing that can’t be a clean swap are the monogrammed items, but other than that, isn’t it amazing that a 15-year-old and a 5-year-old on the cusp of 6 can just trade and everything is completely age-appropriate and well-loved by each?
  • The buyer of their previous home requested that all window treatments and light fixtures stay with the home. Including the Citrus Garden draperies on the landing. This one hurts the most. I really hope the new homeowner appreciates their beauty and value!
  • Unfortunately, they didn’t have a unique space like the third floor landing in their new home in which to place the main seating arrangement from Part I of the reveal. But coincidentally enough, my other sister-in-law (who lives right in the neighborhood) did. The sofa, pillows, media cabinet, and area rug now live in her sunroom just like they were custom made for the space. I saw a picture – it’s wild! It just goes to show you great furniture is great furniture, and sometimes it takes on a life of its own! I’m just glad someone is still enjoying it, and that it’s staying in the family!


All ‘after’ photography by Sarah Winchester.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Home for helping us fill out our accessories, and to KRI design assistant Kristen Vatalaro for the huge amount of help with pulling off this shoot. Steaming and tidying five beds (and then some) is no joke!


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The Laundry Room Nightmares Are Made Of…

Okay, so maybe my blog post title is just a teeny tiny bit melodramatic. But honestly guys, my laundry room is horrid and in terrible need of a renovation.

To begin with it isn’t even IN my house. I have to trek through my saw-dusty garage to get to a laundry room that is freezing in the winter, muggy in the summer, and has tons of bugs, pests, and dusty in every season because duh, it’s in the garage.

I mean, what a horrible horrible nightmare of a laundry room. Never mind the primary yellow, the cheap fraying office carpet that smells as bad as it looks, the squeaky drawers that have mice living in them and also smell…


So this is the perfect space for me to take on for the One Room Challenge (a 6-week design challenge where bloggers make over a space). I have been longing to create a real laundry room. Preferably one that is actually a PART of my house, from the inside.

I hope you will follow along with my misadventures in remodeling my laundry room. I’ll be posting my misadventures every Thursday for the next 6 weeks. Because there are sure to be some “misadventures” when it comes to renovating…some of you know what I’m talking about. Plus I’m going to need your help, encouragement, and advice as I go along.

My Horrible Laundry Room Before

So here is the view looking toward my washer and dryer. On the other side of that far wall behind the washer/dryer is the dining room. Keep that in mind when you see how I re-worked the floor plans.

It’s so hard to reach to take things out of my top loading washer because of the platform. I’m not sure what the intention or reasoning behind the platform was, but it meant things were constantly falling behind the washer and dryer and could never be reached to clean behind. Plus there was SO MUCH space behind the washer and dryer to accommodate the drain pipe and the dryer vent hose, that anything that ended up back there was considered “lost to us forever”. Yes, we are a bit melodramatic.


Then when clothing fell onto any surface, especially the floor, it had to be completely re-washed. Why? Because that floor is nastier than it looks and impossible to clean. We would have to drag the vacuum through the garage to the laundry room, and inevitably I would later find saw dust from the garage in the laundry room AND in our main house after trying to clean this space. No bueno.

I can’t even begin to talk about the storage space at the end of this very long “laundry room”. Because yes, I feel compelled to use air quotes when talking about my laundry room, which doesn’t feel like one to me, so I thought I’d share that here in text format so you would also understand how it makes me feel. Yeah. That.


Oddly, this laundry/storage room at the back of my garage also has two doors to it, so it pretty much means I lose valuable wall space in my garage, but just in case one door doesn’t do the trick, I can access the most hated room of the house via it’s second door. Why thank you.


But hey, I won’t knock the second door, because it is what gave me the brilliant idea to close up the first door, build a wall, and pretty much create a laundry room accessible from the main house. All while retaining that second door as a smaller storage closet for the garage!

The Renovation Begins!

If you haven’t been following my Instastories, you should know that I’m already in the middle of a huge renovation. My kitchen and dining room is getting an incredible makeover (which I will post about soon!), and it just made sense to have the contractor work on both spaces at once. After all, making a doorway opening in the dining room later down the line would have ruined the finished dining room. So pretty much I’m living without a kitchen, dining room, and laundry room all at the same time. Blegh! Definitely not fun.


I say all this to explain that I have already begun work on the laundry room. It is super slow progress because it only gets worked on in spurts here and there while the majority of work is done on the kitchen/dining area. So nope, I didn’t wait for day one of the One Room Challenge to begin…I have been living without a laundry room for almost 6 weeks now.

As a matter of fact, I am currently typing this while sitting in front of a laundromat. I’m sitting in my hot car (because there is a super sketchy looking dude inside who stares at me the whole time…even when I tried staring back. Weird.) waiting on laundry while typing this.

By the way, who knew a laundromat could be SO MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE than just owning your own washer and dryer? Granted, I’m on a well so I don’t pay for water, but with a family of 5, and linens for my Airbnb cottage, I’m spending about $30 a week! *eeep*


So to catch you up, even though the laundry room progress has been like molasses, unlike this picture, it now has a door and walls. But I’m still going to wait until next week to snap a picture of that for you. Partly because I’m out doing laundry and don’t already have a picture to share with you, and partly because this post is supposed to go live tomorrow. Way to procrastinate until the last minute Ursula.

Okay guys, more next week!

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Holiday Drink Station with Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate

holiday drink station

Well, hello! Gosh I’ve missed you. Before I show you more of my holiday drink station, I’m just gonna put this out there for those of you who keep up with Home Made Modern regularly. As much as I had hoped to blog at least once or twice a week after I started working, that has turned out to be an unrealistic goal. But when I get the chance to spruce something up, craft, or bake something…you’ll be the first to know!

So. On with the show. Last year, I made a mini hot chocolate tray that lived on our kitchen counter for the season. This year, I decided to commandeer a whole corner for warm drinks.

holiday drink station

As you can see, I outfitted my lazy Susan mug tree with some more holiday cheer, as well as homemade hot chocolate mix and Constant Comment tea. Have you had this kind of tea? It’s my personal favorite year-round, but it’s especially nice at Christmastime because it tastes like orange and cloves. And of course, there’s coffee.

cup of cheer chalkboard sign

I plan on filling the little dish with peppermint sticks or maybe some chocolate spoons. The chalkboard is just a fun invitation to guests to help themselves. I’ve tried to make it easy for ’em.

So there you go. Nothing elaborate, but it sure does make our kitchen feel a little more festive.

Here’s a post or two you may have missed:

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Q Quartz Urban Lava – Interiors for Families

It’s no secret that engineered stone countertops (aka quartz) are getting really good at mimicking natural stone – dramatically-veined white marbles, in particular. They are great imitators. And recently, new finishes have become available that further enhance the illusion. You can now find an increasing variety of quartz with a honed or satin finish.

But there’s another type of surface that family-friendly engineered stone has become increasingly adept at impersonating, in addition to granite, marble, soapstone, limestone, quartzite, etc…

Concrete-Look Quartz Countertop | Kelly Rogers Interiors
Kelly Rogers Interiors. Photography by Michael J. Lee.



Now, the picture above is not, in fact, of the Friday Family-Friendly Find I’m writing about today. It’s a bathroom I designed last year in a client’s pool house. We wanted the look of a concrete countertop with the ease and performance of quartz, and our best option at that time (and a gorgeous one!) was Caesarstone Pebble, in a honed finish. I still love it! But since then other concrete facsimiles (as I call this class of stone) have become available. Including a really new and exciting one from MSI’s Q quartz line called ‘Urban Lava’ – this week’s #FFFind.

I have to warn you that the website images, I think, do not accurately capture the color, nor the unique texture of Urban Lava, but I’m showing them anyway, alongside my own pictures taken with the sample I obtained.

Friday Family-Friendly Find: Urban Lava by Q Quartz | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families
image via MSI


Friday Family-Friendly Find: Urban Lava by Q Quartz | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families
image via MSI


Friday Family-Friendly Find: Urban Lava by Q Quartz | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families
Q Quartz Urban Lava sample


See what I mean? That mottled appearance is legit!

Now, when I first saw the ‘concrete’ finish denotation, a few alarm bells went off in my mind. Would it feel rough or scratchy to the touch? It doesn’t. It is much less bumpy/irregular than a brushed or leathered finish on natural stone. Just a little texture, but the overall effect is smooth and matte. I also remember recently reading on the Caesarstone website all of these warnings about their honed and ‘rough’ finishes. Warnings that say you must wipe up drips and spills immediately, and that ‘extra care’ is required to maintain them. I mean, what is the point of even using quartz if that’s the case, why not just do the real thing?

There appear to be no such warnings with this product. On the Q Quartz website, the care instructions for concrete and honed finishes are the same as for polished. But just in case the lack of differentiation by finish was an oversight, I did my own at-home testing on the sample this week. I dribbled olive oil and water on it, and left a glass of ice water on it over night. In the morning, I looked at it and could barely see where the drips were – I mean, it pretty much blends in completely with the surface design and texture. It already looks drippy and pitted by design. (Perfect for a kids bathroom, I think! Toothpaste residue would blend right in!). I wiped it clean with just a damp paper towel, and it looks exactly like when I unwrapped it.

Friday Family-Friendly Find: Urban Lava by Q Quartz | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families
Q Quartz Urban Lava sample – concrete texture close-up


By all indications, Urban Lava seems like a very durable and forgiving countertop option – and one that looks, and even feels very ‘realistic’ as an alternative to concrete (or lava stone, aka basalt, another surface growing in popularity).

The advantages (in my opinion) of Q Urban Lava over concrete for countertops include, but are not limited to:

  • Consistent, predictable color and texture
  • No need for sealing
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to scratching, chipping and staining
  • Unlikely to crack
  • Ease and flexibility of fabrication and installation

One potential disadvantage, aside from an unavoidably ‘less’ natural look, is that engineered stone is susceptible to damage from high heat conditions. Basically, even though it may fool you into looking like a concrete countertop, you have to remember that it’s quartz and behaves as such. Make sure you place a thermal barrier underneath that Instant Pot, and avoid putting it near a seam.

What do you think of Q Urban Lava? Would you use it in your home – if so, where?


Oh – and be on the lookout for a little project reveal on Tuesday! I have three words as a hint for what’s coming: Farrow & Ball Lotus. (Does the ampersand count as a word?)



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The Laundry Room Has Flooring & Walls!

Today is week 2 of the One Room Challenge ( a 6-week design challenge where bloggers share a makeover from start to finish). My laundry room is getting a major overhaul… it’s going from a filthy back room in my garage to a real laundry room accessible from the inside of the house for a change. Pinocchio is turning into a real boy ya’all!

But before I share the progress on my own laundry room, I thought I’d share a few inspirations that are keeping me hopeful and encouraged during this frustrating remodel.

Laundry Room Inspo

Oh my goodness gracious, WHO was the genius who thought to put a laundry room in an oversized master closet? Oh right, my design heroes Studio Mcgee. Tell me this space isn’t stunning and pure genius…


(via Studio McGee)

This drop dead gorgeous laundry room was a One Room Challenge feature a few ago by The Curated House, and it makes me swoon every time!

Laundry Room

(Via The Curated House)

One more incredible inspiration I spied on This Old House (if anyone knows the original designer, please let me know!). This is SUCH a smart and incredibly stylish use of a small space. This takes built-ins and barn doors to a whole new level!

Inspiration 3

My Laundry Room Update

After looking at all those beautiful spaces, I’m eager and anxious to have my own beautiful fully functioning laundry room.

In case you missed week 1 of my makeover, check out what this room use to look like here. It didn’t use to be a space attached to my house from the inside, so this is going to be a game changer!

The renovation has been ridiculously long for such a small simple space, but that is because they are doing the kitchen and dining room along with the laundry room. I’m just happy to finally have floors and walls guys!!!!


You can’t imagine how thrilling it is for me to have wood-like porcelain tile floors in my laundry room. You have to understand, what was in this laundry room acting as a “floor” was so gross that plain dirt floors would have been cleaner. *Blegh!*

I don’t have pets, but it smelled like a mixture of mold and pet pee. Not pleasant when you are trying to make clean clothes. I tried shampooing the thin office-like carpet once…it didn’t work at all.

As for the walls, when we opened up part of the existing drywall, we got an unpleasant little surprise; a seriously overpowering swarm of ants. I mean, grown men were jumping away from the swarm of teeny tiny buggers. I laughed at them, but even I admit that this kind of swarm looks a lot like something out of a horror movie where the ants overtake you and eat you down to the bone in seconds. Yipes!


So now that I have walls that are bug free, and wonderful wood-look tiles on a new raised floor that are odor free, I’m beyond thrilled!

My Dream Flooring

These are the same tiles we had put in the kitchen for our big kitchen remodel that is currently going on. I bought some extra to run it through to the laundry room, but I decided to spring for a little extra on labor and have them put it in a herringbone pattern. I considered doing this popular pattern throughout the kitchen/dining room originally, but it would just cost to much extra.

However I’m LOVING the trendy herringbone in this smaller room. I’m happy I could slip it in there somewhere.

Now I’m waiting on the electricians get it right…because for some reason they keep neglecting to make the necessary changes I asked for. I keep having to explain why an outlet can’t be left right where the sink base is going to go. *head smack*





Like this, love this -1200 x 100

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Yellow Door for Christmas

Christmas wreath on yellow front door

Hi! Remember how we painted our front door yellow a couple of months ago? Truth be told, one of the reasons it took me so long to get it done was because I was worried about how a yellow door for Christmas would work. (Seems insane, doesn’t it? These are my first-world problems.) But ya know…I really love it.

traditional Christmas wreath

I could’ve gone a number of different ways with the wreath given the yellow:


colorful ornament wreath



yellow door citrus wreath


Gold and silver.

yellow door metallic wreath


Instead, I balanced the non-traditional Christmas color with a classic choice. An evergreen wreath tied with a big red bow. And that’s it.

Here’s how it looks from the street. I kinda dig it.

outdoor Christmas lights with yellow door

For the past couple of years we’ve used the big ‘ol old-fashioned bulbs on the tree in addition to white strands and I kinda dig that, too. Sorta retro, sorta not.

You know me, I’ll probably change things up again next year. But for now, our house makes me super-happy when I pull into the driveway each night.

outdoor Christmas lights

Especially when there’s flurries falling and I know my family, our dog, and my slippers are waiting.

Merry Christmas!


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